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Global Ministry Supply
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Global Ministry Supply

GMS19 finally on its way!

by Robert Yarnell on 04/14/19

After a long week of bouncing emails back and forth to the steamship line over a Hazmat declaration issue, GMS19 is cleared and ready to depart L. A. on the 20th. 

Can we keep up?

by Robert Yarnell on 04/14/19

Ok, all, we are going to try  this blogging thing one more time!  Can we keep up? Great question!

GMS Happenings Oct 1

by Robert Yarnell on 10/01/17

Well, we are going to try the blog thing a bit. Lets see if we can keep up or not!
We are building up to loading GMS14 this coming Friday (Oct6) and Saturday (Oct 7). We will be starting at 4 pm on Friday and resuming at 8 am on Saturday until the job is done. If you live near by, come lend an hand or simply stop in to see what it is all about! See you @ 11262 Baco Rd Meadville Pa. 16335