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Supply sourcing
Global Ministry Supply Services

Need a single item or a large quantity of supplies for your overseas ministry? Let GMS source and purchase your items for you.  We can then ship your items to you  via the post , Fedex, or UPS.  For large container size amounts, we provide consolidating and shipping services via our freight forwarders in the USA to your country of service.*

Having lived on the foreign mission field ourselves for 14 years, we understand how far your dollars need to stretch. GMS is committed to keeping the costs to you as low as possible.  Our fees at present are:  total cost of your invoice (any items purchased) plus  actual shipping costs plus 3% to cover our overhead needs. 

* GMS will provide you with a detailed packing list of items shipped including  descriptions, qauntities and values as required for export from the United States. The shipment consignee is responsible to prepare and file all necessary import forms etc. in their country of destination.  GMS is not responsible for any customs fees, duties, storage charges, fines, or delays to your shipment due to improper filing of import forms and so forth.  GMS will endeavor to get your shipment out as soon as possible. However, no guarantee of final arrival date of any shipment is  expressed or implied. 

At Global Ministry Supply, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We provide a variety of services including: